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Shopify Reports Surging Volume for Stores via Twitter, Many Merchants Report Biggest Day EVER as Stimulus Checks Hit Accounts, Amazon Slashes Commission Rates for Affiliates, Amazon Reportedly Leveraging Seller Data to Launch Competing Products, Google Makes Their Shopping Ads Free, and more.

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Alcoholism is something that is a lot more prevalent than people realize or want to admit. It is something that most people shy away from talking about because there is still such a stigma around it, but today I want to open up the discussion. To help me cover this important topic, as well as the common link between entrepreneurship and alcohol dependence, is my good friend Paul Churchill of As a recovering alcoholic himself, Paul has a lot of knowledge on the subject, so if you have ever had a dependency on alcohol or know someone who does, this episode is not to be missed.

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I'm joined by Taylor Holiday to discuss the strange things happening with paid traffic in our current environment.  Traffic is relatively cheap but with plunging conversion rates is it actually a good time to double down on your ad spend?  We also discuss the encouraging top-line revenue trends we've seen over the last few weeks.

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Today on the show I'm joined by good friends Drew Sanocki and Michael Jackness who open up about how COVID has impacted their lives and businesses, where we see areas of opportunity and more.

We discuss:

  • How badly our businesses have been hit
  • Thoughts on how COVID will permanently change eCommerce
  • Where we're seeing opportunities, both now and in the intermediate future
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