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How do you keep orders shipping during a global pandemic, possibly amid shelter-in-place orders from the government?  Today we discuss stats on how revenues have been affected, how to determine if your business is a "critical business" and can operate during a lock down, diversifying your fulfillment chain and more.  

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This week the United States passed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.  While it provides some much-needed support to workers it also has some scary cashflow implications for small businesses.  We discuss:

  • How employers are responsible for paying for up to 14 weeks of paid leave for workers
  • The mechanics behind getting reimbursed by the government
  • Why this could cause a huge strain on your company's cashflow and what to do about it
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Coronavirus Concerns Prompt Widespread Cancellations, U.S. Limits Travel From Europe, Taps SBA and Tax Deferrals to Stimulate Economy, Amazon Blocks New Listings for Coronavirus Safety Gear Amid Price Gouging, New Bill Could Make Amazon, eBay Liable for Counterfeits, and more.

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Today I am going to be doing something I have not done in years; a round up of all the books I have been reading. Books can be extremely helpful in business, whether it is helping you to plan your next move or calm your mind after a long day of work. In this episode, I will be explaining my favorite educational books as well as fiction or just plain interesting books. If you want to find out my favorite books over the past few years or you are just a bookworm yourself, this is the episode for you.

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